Amazing exhibition of the master of the Belgian symbolism, Fernand Khnopff, at the Petit Palais in Paris. A scenography like an initiatic journey in his big house, which he used as a studio. The exhibition, through spacious rooms, bring together about a hundred pieces emblematic of the complex aesthetic of Fernand Khnopff, who was both painter, designer, engraver, sculptor. 

Beautiful lighting and superb frames, typography highlight the work of the Belgian artist who had not been exhibited for forty years. The major works of Khnopff will be compared with those of artists of his time, from Gustave Moreau to Gustav Klimt and Franz Von Stuck, replacing him in the context of late-century Europe.

If I compare this exhibition to that of Caravaggio, "Caravage à Rome, amis & ennemis", at the Jacquemart André Museum, it is really the day and the night. Ticket very expensive, very few works, lighting like flashy projector -while he is the master of the chiaroscuro!- missing scenography, no place to backward, and shameless people. Then I say that, I say nothing...

So, run to the Petit Palais!

Clémentine Gault _ Henri et catherine



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